HISPA Role Model Program


Hispanics Inspiring Students’ Performance and Achievement (HISPA) is a national 501c3 nonprofit organization located in Princeton, NJ with programs in New Jersey, New York City and San Antonio. HISPA’s vision is to contribute to America’s future by inspiring Latino students’ academic performance and achievement. HISPA’s mission is to mobilize Latino professionals to serve as active role models in educational programs within their communities. To date, the HISPA Role Model Bureau has a database of 1,500 professionals who are committed to HISPA's mission and willing to be active role models to the youth attending public schools. Over 450 HISPA Role Model Program sessions have been offered impacting the future of thousands of students. HISPA’s partners and Role Models “understand the urgency of developing the Latino youth - encouraging them to pursue higher education and to consider high-skilled jobs - and to become key contributors to the continued success of our country.”

HISPA’s programming includes classroom visits by professionals from the public and private sector (HISPA Role Model Program - HRMP), a corporate visit (CV), and a one-day conference at a University campus (HISPA Youth Conference - YC). Throughout these programs, HISPA seeks to raise students’ awareness of the importance of education as a means to succeed professionally and to realize their full potential. At the core of HISPA’s efforts is the HRMP:

HRMP consists of six visits by HISPA Role Models over the school year. During the in-school visits, a diverse group of Hispanic professionals share their cultural backgrounds, professional careers and educational experiences that allowed them to achieve their personal and professional goals. The content and format of the presentations are tailored to the school and/or educational program, ranging from informal classroom discussions to formal auditorium presentations.

HRMP provides an opportunity for students to personally identify with Latino professionals, who with their stories will inspire and motivate them to set goals, believe in their dreams and pursue higher education.
Results from our post-HRMP surveys have demonstrated that students’ attitudes toward higher education have positively changed by the completion of the school year program.