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Caring Across Communities

The Center for Health and Health Care in Schools has released a new publication, Helping immigrant and refugee students succeed: It’s not just what happens in the classroom.

Problematic behaviors exhibited by students have a direct impact on student success and the importance of engaging families for student academic achievement has been well documented.

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“HACEMOS Support for HISPA 2.0 Goes Live”

Dear friends and members of HACEMOS,

I am very proud to share with you great news about our Hispanic Heritage Month kick-off event (HACEMOS DAY), on Tuesday September 16th. We provided a venue for our long time partner HISPA ( ) to host Latino leaders from many Hispanic organizations*, to network and to learn from excellent speakers and panelists. This event also officially launched an amazing program that enables individuals like you and me to inspire a student by spending just a few hours of our time: the “HISPA Role Model program”. By challenging us to join the 100 Role Models in 100 Hours campaign, 15 HACEMOS NJ members volunteered for this program and a total of 50+ role models from the attendees.

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