Role Model Program

Administrators Say…

“He gave a beautifully inspirational speech. He showed his upbringings with photos, and showed how far he has come since his days as a child in DR.”

“She communicated to students that they too can achieve their goals despite obstacles. The power point informed students of her own challenges and subsequent goals.”

“Many of the students related to her story and were motivated to do well as she did, overcoming any language barriers to succeed.”

“The role model’s message was VERY effective and powerful. The strengths was that he gave eye contact and not only talked about his life but gave us great advice for ours and how important our education and the people we meet in life are.”

“The speaker shared his tough background which could help students going through similar situations be able to relate to him.”

“Very effective! A pin could be heard if it dropped. Students and teachers were moved by his incredible presentation. He spoke about his family, and got emotional. He spoke about his grandmother and how difficult it was for him to immigrate to the U.S.A. He mentioned how they were very poor, and barely had enough money to eat.”