Role Model Program

Alicia Abella Youth mentor and ‘change agent’ for green, innovative research at AT&T

At AT&T, Alicia Abella is widely regarded for her eff orts in developing long-distance
collaboration tools. As Executive Director of the Human Computer Interface Services Research Department, she leads a group of researchers dedicated to eliminating the need for plane travel and other commuting methods that potentially harm the environment or overuse energy resources.


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Role Models Say….

“It was an awesome experience coming back to my hometown and speaking with middle school children who are living and growing up in the same school systems and neighbors that I grew up in. Absolutely Exhilarating!” Read more

Students Say….

School: New Brunswick Middle School, New Brunswick, NJ
Dear HISPA: I’m thankful for all the speakers who came. I learned a lot from each of them. The speakers that caught my attention a lot were Carlos, Axel, Abraham, and Chantel. They got my attention more because their careers are some of my options I want to have in the future. Also, their stories touched my heart deeply. All of the speakers inspired me to do my best regardless of the obstacles. I’m thankful for them coming, it was a great experience.

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HISPA Role Model Bureau to Hold Youth Conference

PRESS ADVISORY PRINCETON, NJ – PRINCETON, NJ – The HISPA Role Model Bureau will hold its 2009 Youth Conference for 8th graders on Friday, June 12, 9:30 a.m. to 3:45 p.m., at the Frist Campus Center on the Princeton University campus. The “Take Action! Achieve Your Dreams” conference is co-sponsored by the Office of Human Resources at Princeton, and AT&T and its Hispanic Employee Resource Group, HACEMOS. Read more

“Nothing can stop you”


Mayor Wilda Diaz grew up in a tough neighborhood — a Stockton Street housing complex, where she and her five sisters shared one bathroom.

“I never dreamed back then of being mayor,” said Diaz. Read more