2018 HISPA Miami Role Model Program Kick-Off and Recruiting Event @ VISA

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10:00 am - 1:00 pm


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This event is by invitation only.

HISPA Miami’s 2018 Role Model Program Kick-Off and Recruiting Event, hosted by Visa

HISPA will share how you can have a the life-changing role simply sharing your story with students in the communities where you live and work. The education and resources needed to fully participate in America’s competitive academic and economic markets are unevenly distributed across race/ethnic groups, and the Latino dropout rate remains higher than that of Blacks, Whites and Asians. Lacking a high school diploma limits college access and career mobility, posing serious social and economic concerns. HISPA mobilizes Latino professionals to serve as role models to middle school students, inspiring their academic performance and achievement by sharing their personal and professional stories and demonstrating that they, too, can achieve their dreams through hard work and education. Given the urgency of our work, HISPA has launched Vision 2020: our effort to empower our careers, our companies, and most importantly, our communities, by sharing 20,000 inspirational stories by 2020.

Presented by:

Rod Colon

HISPA Role Model Development Director

HISPA Call to Action

HISPA is active throughout New Jersey, New York City, San Antonio and Florida. To date, we have mobilized over 2,500 volunteers to encourage over 10,000 students to fulfill their potential through academic achievement. Join us and learn more about becoming a HISPA Role Model, sharing your story and inspiring young Latinos to excel in school and pursue higher education to achieve their dreams. Inspirational speakers and HISPA Role Models will share their experiences and the impact of their volunteerism.


The majority of children never have to ask themselves the question, “Can I really be a teacher, doctor, astronaut, or politician?” Unfortunately, many Latino youth do not see role models that look like them in such professions. Research has shown a strong correlation between students having a mentor or role model and their pursuit of higher education:

“The findings identified four family background characteristics that contributed to their scholarly achievement. The four themes were (a) a strong parental commitment to the importance of education, (b) parental facilitation of their child’s autonomy, (c) an array of nonverbal, parental expressions of support for educational goals and tasks, and (d) the presence of supportive faculty mentors and role models in the students’ lives.”

Latino students need role models to help them see their educational opportunities and to show them how to navigate the college system. For many of these students, this knowledge may not be available from other sources. For this reason, it is important to provide credible Latino role models to students. We invite you to join our efforts to eradicate the lack of role models as a reason why our students don’t pursue higher education.


If you would like an on-site presentation to your company, please reach out to Rod Colón, HISPA Role Model Development Director, at rod@hispa.org. Event sponsorship opportunities are available; please contact Kelly Grossman at kelly@hispa.org. For opportunities to become an Annual Partner or Founding Partner of HISPA, please contact Dr. Ivonne Díaz-Claisse, HISPA President & CEO, at ivonne@hispa.org.

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