“HACEMOS Support for HISPA 2.0 Goes Live”

Dear friends and members of HACEMOS,

I am very proud to share with you great news about our Hispanic Heritage Month kick-off event (HACEMOS DAY), on Tuesday September 16th. We provided a venue for our long time partner HISPA ( https://www.hispa.org/ ) to host Latino leaders from many Hispanic organizations*, to network and to learn from excellent speakers and panelists. This event also officially launched an amazing program that enables individuals like you and me to inspire a student by spending just a few hours of our time: the “HISPA Role Model program”. By challenging us to join the 100 Role Models in 100 Hours campaign, 15 HACEMOS NJ members volunteered for this program and a total of 50+ role models from the attendees.

The attached press release gives you an excellent overview of what happened at this event, who participated and why you want to get involved, even if you missed this event.

I’d like to take this opportunity to publicly acknowledge the people that made this event possible. It won’t be short, but you can imagine it took a team effort to do this:

– To our executive sponsors, please accept my sincere thanks for believing in what we do and always being there for us; especially Peter Cornell, who is our long time champion and always provides critical advice that makes us successful in our endeavors.

– To Regina Egea, thanks to you, we had branded AT&T items for our guests to take home; thanks to Suzette Drouillard who coordinated getting us those items. Also in Regina’s team, we have very active HACEMOS members who provided very important contributions to make this event happen: Bennett Ruiz and Matt Olivas. Matt brings a higher level of professionalism to our events.

– To Dr. Alicia Abella, HACEMOS member, who we are proud off and very grateful for your participation on the panel. You gave the audience a wonderful gift with your presence and by sharing your experiences. Many people were inspired by your words, and we are very grateful to have you as an active member of our team. I am happy to share that the panel discussion was recorded and will be available on the intranet for replay.

– To our friends from sister ERGs for your continued partnership:David Lin, APCA national president; Karen Gerhold, WWAV chapter president; and Betsy Dixon, member of IDEAL and member of AT&T diversity office.

– To HACEMOS members that helped with logistics before and during the event, especially Isabel Cabrera, Pedro Mirabal, Eduardo Pinzon and members of the board; and to all other members for coming to the event and for accepting the challenge to join the role model program.

– Last but not least, special thanks to Bill Sala, Mark Fitzgeral and Bob Salus, for technical support and site coordination; also to the security team. Bringing over 50 external guests into Bedminster after work hours is not easy. Thank you all for your professionalism and support.

On behalf of HACEMOS please accept our deepest gratitude and we look forward to having you at future events.

Enjoy Hispanic Heritage Month.

Mayra Caceres


HACEMOS NJ Chapter President


* Hispanic organizations in attendance at the event, along with us (HACEMOS NJ of AT&T):

Employee groups from corporations:

o MERCK – Merck Hispanic Organization (MHO)


o CHUBB – CHUBB Hispanic and Latino Employee Network (CHLEN)

o Microsoft – HOLA

Professional Organizations:

o NSHMBA NJ Chapter

o LISTA NJ and NY Chapters