HISPA 2021 Virtual Kick-Off and Recruiting Event

HISPA supporters everywhere are invited to join our virtual Kick-Off & Recruiting Event to commit to empowering Latino students in 2021-22!

About this event

HISPA’s 2021 Virtual Role Model Program Kick-Off and Recruiting Event

HISPA’s mission is to inspire Latino students to discover their potential and ignite their desire to embrace education and achieve success. At this year’s virtual Role Model Program Kick-Off and Recruiting Event, themed “Con Esperanza: Celebrating Our Heritage and Our Commitment to Sharing Stories,” we welcome HISPA supporters from across the country and around the world to commit to this mission. Let’s make 2021-22 a year of inspiring dreams and igniting actions in Latino youth!


5:00 PM
“Con Esperanza” Musical Performance
Anthony Rodriguez, Musician & Artist

Messages from HISPA’s Founding and Co-Founding Partners

Welcoming Remarks
Dr. Ivonne Díaz-Claisse, Founder & CEO at HISPA

HISPA 2021 Discovery Summit “INSPIRE” Remarks
Dr. Miguel Cardona, Secretary of Education at the U.S. Department of Education

Special Guest Speaker
Emmanuel G. Caudillo, Senior Advisor at the White House Initiative on Advancing Educational Equity, Excellence, and Economic Opportunity for Hispanics

5:30 PM
Panel: “The Powerful Impact of Giving Back: 12 Years Later”
– Dr. Alicia Abella, Managing Director of Telecom, Media & Entertainment Industry Solutions at Google
– Luis Díaz, General Counsel & Chief Cybersecurity Officer at Gabi Solutions

6:00 PM
Panel: “La Esperanza del Futuro”
– Yalitza Torres, Principal at Jerome Dunn Academy School
– Alejandra Piedrasanta, HISPA Student in 2016 at Elizabeth Public Schools
– Jasmine LeBlanc, HISPA Student in 2012 at San Antonio Public Schools
– Melissa Menchaca, HISPA Student in 2012 at San Antonio Public Schools

6:15 PM
Breakout Rooms
– Hope for Growth: HISPA’s Strategic Goals
– Inspiring Hope: Becoming a HISPA Role Model
– A Hopeful Initiative: Connecting Your Story with Social-Emotional Learning
– Hopeful Projects: How Your Company Can Host a Virtual Imagine Day or Discovery Summit
– Verizon Employee Exclusive: Bring Hope to Our Communities with the Verizon Volunteering Platform

6:45 PM
Closing Remarks: Call to Action
Rod Colón, Volunteer Management Director at HISPA

‘Deliver Us Outro’ Musical Performance
Anthony Rodriguez, Musician & Artist

Speakers & Special Guests

HISPA is excited to announce our musical guest, Anthony Rodriguez!

Independent musician and artist Anthony Rodriguez brings a unique color to Latin music. His recent release includes a re-score of “Deliver Us” from the movie “Prince of Egypt.” This re-score was also mastered at the iconic studio in London, Air Studios. His previous release from 2015, “Shackles Salsa,” was nominated for Best Song in The Independent Music Awards. With music productions lined up, Anthony is now adding film scoring to his arsenal. He has scored a full documentary titled “Sazon Guzman,” released on Vimeo and soon on Film Festivals. For this year’s HISPA Kick-Off, Anthony will be releasing two original scores for all guests to hear for the first time, LIVE!

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If you have any issues connecting to the event, contact francisco@hispa.org.

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