Role Model Program

HISPA Kicks off Role Model Program: Perth Amboy, NJ and New Brunswick, NJ

Perth Amboy, New Jersey – HISPA President, Dr. Ivonne Diaz-Claisse, participated as a role model at the Shull School in Perth Amboy on November 14, 2007. Dr. Diaz-Claisse shared her educational experience with over 350 eighth grade students. She explained how her passion for mathematics led her to learn about the Chaos Theory and to pursue a PhD degree.

The students were presented with examples of the application of mathematics to solve real-life problems. They were provided with an opportunity to solve a problem related to the Euler Theory. She also shared her cultural background and how she wanted to encourage all the students to do their best in school and to keep college as a realistic goal. The students were highly attentive and asked Dr. Diaz-Claisse excellent questions. Eighth grade math teacher Alex Rodriguez said “my students were very attentive and came back to class asking many questions about the different careers involving use of mathematics.” Perth Amboy is looking forward towards having Dr. Diaz-Claisse share this presentation with other middle school students in the district.

New Brunswick, New Jersey – On November 16, 2007, HISPA President Dr. Ivonne Diaz-Claisse, presented the application of mathematics to solve real-life problems to 50 sixth, seventh and eighth grade AVID students. Many of these students questioned the application of mathematics and questioned why they had to take courses such as algebra. AVID Coordinator, Dianna Harris, stated “my students were really impressed by Dr. Diaz-Claisse and her presentation on the application of mathematics. It was definitely an eye-opener for them. This presentation should be made to every mathematics class in the Middle School.” Many students expressed their enthusiasm, here are some of their comments, ¨I would like to thank you for coming to the school and give a great presentation. Your presentation inspired me because Math is also my favorite subject. I really took your presentation seriously because Algebra is important and is used in real life. Thank you again. I gained more confidence from you.”
“Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to come speak with us. Your presentation has inspired me to stay in school and finish college. You gave me confidence and I now know that I can accomplish anything I set my mind to. I used to think that my career didn’t consist of any Math. I just found out that it does. I will do my very best and pass everything.”
The program has been well received, HISPA looks forward to continue inspiring students in 2008.