Role Model Program

Role Models Say….

“It was an awesome experience coming back to my hometown and speaking with middle school children who are living and growing up in the same school systems and neighbors that I grew up in. Absolutely Exhilarating!”

“Our youth need to continue to hear from us, they are our future and need guidance, we should work closely with schools to determine the best approach to help them inspire these students. Maybe doing a workshop with the administration can happen.”

“It was an amazing experience. Students were focused on the talk and well behaved. They asked many questions that reflected their interest in the talk.”

“Congratulations HISPA for this great Role Model Program that is much needed for our Hispanic youth.”

“I had an amazing time with the middle school. They were very interactive when I pointed questions to the audience. They made me feel welcomed.”

“The students were delightful. Having them exposed to Latino or other diverse role models is very important. They need to see that their abilities are limitless. I applaud the program’s intentions!”

“Students were fantastic, several students approached me afterwards to express their personal appreciation. As always the students inspire me as well.”

“I had an excellent reception at my arrival. The Principal was there and stayed throughout the entire visit. Organization was outstanding, they facilitated their cafeteria/auditorium area which had all kind of audio-visual facilities. Students were well behaved and participative. I was very pleasantly surprised by the school and audience.”

“It is very gratifying. They were very enthusiastic and participative. Loved the sparkles in their eyes and the energy they showed talking about how they seem themselves in future as lawyers, engineers, biologists, physicians, among other careers.”