Role Model Program

Union Hill Students Special Day at AT&T

HISPA Bureau in Action
Bedminster, New Jersey – On October 3rd, Union Hill students visited the AT&T facility in Bedminster, New Jersey where they were greeted by HACEMOS members and HISPA role models.

Their day started with a tour of the Global Network Operations Center where students were amazed by the use of Math and Science in real life and a unique exposure to technology. The program included an iPhone demonstration and various talks about careers within AT&T. As part of the program HISPA joined to support the event by leading the role model session. HISPA President, Dr. Ivonne Diaz-Claisse was joined by Fatima Calcado from PSE&G Adelante organization and Yolanda Baker from CHUBB CHLEN organization to share their educational and professional experiences with the students.

Students truly enjoyed the day and shared the following comments about the role model session: “Today’s program will help me make decisions for my future by letting me set goals…”

“…are amazing people and in the time I spoke with them, I felt very secure and confident.”
“It definitely gave me a good deal of hope on my own dreams & future goals. I know now for certain that anything is possible.”

“It encouraged me to improve and keep going. Also, the sky’s thelimit.”
“… very inspirational and I can see myself doing the same in the future – encouraging students to become what they want to be.”

“This made me realized that if we want something we need to work for that.”
“It will make me think of careers in engineering and that there are more job opportunities in this field.”

HISPA congratulates the HACEMOS NJ Chapter for their commitment to our youth.